Surbuf® R Series applicator and buffing pads feature our patented MicroFingers® technology and are designed specifically for use on random orbit sanders/polishers with hook-and-loop fastening.


Surbuf’s exclusive MicroFingers® technology produces a better finish than traditional hand-rubbed.
Use for staining, waxing, and polishing wood, automobiles, boats, and other solid surfaces.
All oil based wood stains, paste and liquid waxes, surface cleaners, and polishes can be used.

Surbuf® 3 1/4″ R Series pads with MicroFingers® technology for use on 3″ hook base random orbit polisher/sanders. Fits Sorby Sandmaster 3″, Metabo SXE 400, and all other 3″ hook base random orbit sander/polishers. Use R Series pads for application of product and for buffing. Pads are sold eight per package.

Key Benefits of Surbuf Pads with MicroFingers®
1. MicroFingers® resist bending and matting to allow cooler, non-burning surface temperatures, which helps protect clear coat finishes.
2. Slim profile easily conforms to different surface contours for maximum coverage and efficiency.
3. Surbuf pads allow for a wide range of operating speeds up to 12,000 opm on ANY solid surface without snagging while reducing the risk of damage to pin striping, decals, and wood tear-out. It also minimizes friction, skipping, and chattering.
4. Hook-and-loop fastening system makes changing pads quick and easy.
5. Edge-to-edge loop fastening accepts various sizes of backing plates providing full hook-to-loop engagement for maximum holding strength and added peripheral edge stability.
6. Low-pad absorption helps make cleaning and polishing products last longer.
7. Surbuf pads can be cleaned easily by hand for on-the-go operations using a comb or soft brush.


Additional information

Weight .250 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 2 in


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