POR-15 (Paint over Rust) is the product that changed car restoration permanently. POR-15’s non-porous coating keeps moisture away from metal permanently.

Among many applications, Emerald Coating utilizes POR-15 for:

Artisan Metal Polish


Caliper Paint

Glisten pc Clear Coat

Clear Coats

por-15 engine enamel

Engine Enamel

Fuel Tank Sealer 1 pint

Fuel Tank Repair

POR-15 Black Velvet

Hi-Temp Coatings

POR-15 AP-120 Metal Prep

Metal Prep

Paint Spout

Paint Accessories

por-15 self-etching primer



Repair Supplies

por-15 rust preventive paint

Rust Preventive Paint

por-15 stripper-remover

Strippers and      Solvents

POR-15 Hardnose paint

Top Coats




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